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If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place!

“How can I look younger naturally?   Can I lessen my wrinkles?”

“How can I protect my joints, be healthy, active and mobile for the rest of my life?”

I asked these exact same questions when I started worrying about holding onto my youth and vitality.  I know firsthand all the things you need to know when it comes to anti-aging.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall ….why is this reflection not the best me at all!

Hi, my name is Cindy, I’m a pharmacist.

One night after washing my face, I looked in the mirror and was shocked at my reflection.

My eye bags were puffy, and my skin was as pale and dull as a walking zombie.

I didn’t look fresh.  I looked older than my age.  I sadly felt like my once vibrant youth was slipping away.

Aging is a fact of life.  I know that, but that night changed me.  It fired a passion in me to learn everything I can about anti-aging.

What I realized is through years of self-experimentation is that much information out there does more damage to your skin than help.

I’m convinced expensive moisturizers and creams that promise to erase wrinkles and under eye bags do not work! At least the ones that I have tried.

But after 4 years of trial and error,  I found natural and healthier ways to turn back the clock.

Hydrolyzed collagen peptides is my secret weapon.  Collagen is a natural type of structural protein found in skin, muscles, bones, and fingernails.  Collagen anchors cells to each other and makes up over 80% of a person’s skin!  It promotes skin elasticity and provides structure to our joints and tendons and supports our muscles.

Therefore, maintaining a healthy level of collagen is essential to looking and feeling young, vibrant and less joint and mobility issues.

The problem. Age.  Age drastically affects collagen levels.  When we are young, our body produces and maintains collagen abundantly!

But unfortunately, at age 25 that production begins to continually decline.

In our 30s, that decline occurs more steeply. By our 40s, our body no longer produces collagen.

Our skin becomes thinner and drier, wrinkles appear, crow’s feet and more prominent laugh lines are noticed.

So in order to keep our skin resilient and our joints working smoothly a diet rich in collagen is important.  However, most of our diets are collagen deficient.

That’s where collagen peptides come into place.

Our body can efficiently absorb ingested collagen peptides, also known as “Hydrolyzed Collagen”.

Once ingested collagen peptides and free key amino acids are distributed to the skin, where they support the replenishment of collagen levels.

When we ingest enough collagen peptides over a period of time, our body detects the high concentrations of collagen peptides in our bloodstream and begins to produce new collagen again,  How awesome is that?!

BYBA collagen peptides supplements can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase hydration, and improve the skin’s elasticity.

Like any supplement, you can’t expect results while living an unhealthy lifestyle.  Adding BYBA collagen peptides to a healthy diet, along with living a healthy lifestyle, combined with a good skin care regiment, will give you the best shot at aging gracefully.

I am a real person with real results taking collagen peptides.

Today at almost 46, my wrinkles have decreased, my eye bags are less puffy, and my once pale skin has a natural cheeky glow.

I want to empower women and men to be your best age at any age!  And I am so proud to bring a product I use and trust to you.

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